You may have experience with online shopping, maybe not.

And because every shop has different customs and methods, here are some tips for an easy, quick and enjoyable way to shop at Kiddiffit!


Search the articles of your choice.

In our shop the clothing is divided into 2 groups, namely boys and girls.

These 2 categories are further divided into 0-2year, 2-10year, accessories, swimwear etc.

The clothing is added by us in these groups. But of course there are a lot of clothes for both boys and girls and we add these in both groups.

But of course you are not obliged to only search clothes for your daughter in the girls' department. You shop where you want!

When you click one of the age categories, you can still use the various product filters (clothing sizes, shoe sizes ...). This way you have a nice overview of what is available in your choice.

Moreover, you can also use the search field on top of the page. You type in a keyword of your choice (pants, t-shirt, Lipfish, green ....). You will then have a list from which you can select items which match your search criteria. All products that contain your keyword in the description are displayed.

And a third way is to search by brand. The list of brands can be found in the left column. Click on your brand of choice and all articles of this brand are displayed.


Discount Codes / Gift Vouchers / Coupons.

Each gift certificate or voucher has a unique code. If we give special promotions, this is often via a code. You can enter this code by clicking your cart (left column at the top).

Under the cart is a field for entering Voucher codes. Enter your code and press "ADD".

Voucher codes can normally be used only once (if not the case, this is certainly indicated.)

If the value of your order exceeds the value of your Voucher the difference is automatically calculated when processing your order.

If the value of your Voucher is more than the value of your order, we will send you a new Voucher with a new code for the remaining balance of the original Voucher.

Vouchers are only valid in the period associated with that particular code. Orders using a Voucher outside the said period will not be valid for the discount.

Tip: Many of these actions will be announced in advance on Facebook. Become a fan of our page and enjoy so many of our benefits! Click here to visit the facebook page!


Kiddiffit Loyalty Points

How do I Earn Loyalty Points?


  • Earning Loyalty Points is easy with Kiddiffit! Everything is automatically calculated for you.
  • For each product purchased at Kiddiffit you earn Loyalty Points. You earn 1 Loyalty Point for each €0.10 of the product price. Each Loyalty Point is worth €0.003 once converted to a Voucher - e.g. for a product of €40.00 you earn 400 Loyalty Points which are worth a total of €1.20.
  • On each product detail page you can see how many Loyalty Points you can earn and the value of these Loyalty Points.

How do I Exchange My Loyalty Points?


  • You decide when yu want to exchange your Loyalty Points for a Voucher.
  • On your My Loyalty Points kan page you can see your Loyalty Points and their value once converted to a Voucher.
  • On your My Vouchers page you can see your valid Vouchers.

How do I Use a Voucher?


  • Copy the Voucher code you want to use from your My Vouchers page.
  • Go to your shopping basket and paste this code into the Voucher Code field and click "ADD".

Terms and Conditions


  • Loyalty Points are calculated excluding shipping costs.
  • Loyalty Points are only awarded for orders made online.
  • Loyalty Points are not exchangeable for cash
  • Loyalty Points are personal and cannot be passed to third parties.
  • Loyalty Points are only available to registered online customers.
  • Loyalty Points are only awarded for the balance of the value of purchases not paid for with Vouchers



Choosing the right size

Sometimes it is difficult to estimate whether a certain size is large or small enough. When in doubt, email us or call (+32 486 55 94 34) and we will willingly measure everything for you. For us this is the most precise way to choose the correct size. You can always visit us by appointment to try on the clothes

If the size was not correct, then you can send everything back. However, please email us first! We can then ensure that the correct size is sent to you or that your money will be refunded.


Pictures and colors

We try to reflect the colours are correctly as possible in our pictures. If we still see the colour of the item is different from the picture, then this is stated in the product description.

All pictures and photos on this website are either used with permission of the author/brand or are created by Kiddiffit. These pictures may, for whatever reason, NOT be copied without our permission!

Placing Your Order by Telephone

If, despite everything, you don't trust online shopping or if you experience a problem making your order, call (or SMS) us on +32 486 55 94 34 or send us an email ( with your order. Let us know which articles you would like to order, the desired size and you name and address. We will then ensure that the order is handled by email as quickly as possible.


For more information: email us at or call us on +32 486 55 94 34.


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